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    Why our cards are sold unwrapped

    We have been producing greetings cards and stationery since 1997 and we feel it is time that we start to take responsibility for the impact on the environment our business has made. The gift industry is a huge contributor to single use plastic, and I strongly believe that we all need to take action now if we are going to thrive in the 21st century.

    For this reason, all of our new card ranges are now being sold unwrapped.

    This isn’t a decision we took lightly, and we understand some of our customers and agents have concerns, but we strongly believe it is the right thing to do.

    Why we don’t use biodegradable bags instead

    We spent a long time looking into biodegradable alternatives, but these only biodegrade if exposed to certain conditions at industrial composting facilities, of which there are only a few in the UK. If end users add biodegradable material to Polypropylene recycling in error it causes issues with the machines. Left on its own it still takes 100s of years to biodegrade.

    We didn’t want to switch to an alternative that was only marginally better for the environment.

    Concerns about damaged stock

    We know many of our customers would like to support this change, but are worried about damaged stock. We take this concern seriously, so we are offering to replace any cards that become damaged or dirty from handling, free of charge. Just email us the details and we will replace them. We protect all our cards in transit in a specially designed pack bag made from recyclable waxed paper.

    We are also focussing on producing cards that are less likely to get damaged from handling, and we are clasping them to keep the envelopes and cards together.

    Thank you

    Thank you for working with us as we try to do the right thing for our planet and for the future of our industry. We really appreciate all of the positive support and feedback we’ve received.

    If you need any further details please do get in touch.

    James Stevens

    PS. We’re also members of 1% for the Planet so we donate 1% of our turnover to tree planting and environmental causes.


    A bit more information...

    We are currently in the process of using up the old stock of cello bags stored in our warehouse. Until this stock runs out, the following ranges will still be sent cello wrapped:

    Glitter Shakies (Codes beginning PT, PS, PK & PK)

    Mini Packs (Codes beginning MC or R3)

    Retro Press London (Codes beginning T3)